Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the Moonalice Street Team! We want your help to get the word out on the upcoming 2012 Tour  We’ve put together this Street Team Page with everything you need. You can sign up to help promote shows by going to the Request Promo Tab above. On the Digital Tools tab, you’ll find web banners, widgets, and videos that you can share online to help get the word out on the tour and the album.

Here's a list of objectives that we need help with:

  • We need street team help with the upcoming Moonalice Tour. We would need you to hang posters in high traffic areas as well as pass out handbills at upcoming shows in your area over the next few weeks.
  • Help promote the tour online by completeing tasks in the Online Mission tab. You can also find other tools to help spread the word in the Online Tools tab above.
  • Report any work you've done to our site. Instructions on how to report are located in the How to Report tab above.



Please keep track of all the work you do and save it to your desktop / excel doc (links and screen shots) so you can report it, and we can reward you!


  • Follow and Re-Tweet anything about the album from Moonalice Twitter
  • Include hashtags #moonalice for anything that you post
  • Tweet about your excitement for the new album
  • Tweet about the upcoming 2012 Tour
  • Use the Tweet Feature on our Tools Tab above


  • Update your status with Moonalice News and the 2012 Tour
  • Share Moonalice Videos from Youtube
  • Use the Facebook Share feature on our Tools Tab above
  • Join and Invite your friends to the Facebook Event for the show you are attending
  • Post in Facebook groups and/or relevant pages about Moonalice

Blogs and Forums

  • If you’re a member of a forum, you can post topics about Moonalice or use our banners as part of your signature!
  • For blog owners and contributors, write articles about  Moonalice and post our banner ads on the blog itself!


  • Post comments on Moonalice videos
  • Post video responses to other like-minded videos with Moonalice videos





Moonalice Event:


Facebook Event
Sep 12, 2012 San Francisco, CA Union Square Live
Sep 15, 2012 Tahoe City, CA Lakeside Music Hall
Sep 16, 2012 Mill Valley, CA Sweetwater Music Hall
Sep 21, 2012 Sebastopol, CA Hopmonk Tavern
Sep 22, 2012 Woodside, CA Heroes and Horses Gala
Sep 28, 2012 Long Beach, CA Golden Sails Hotel
Sep 29, 2012 San Diego, CA Winston's
Oct 19, 2012 Baltimore, MD The 8 X 10
Oct 20, 2012 Washington, DC Iota Club & Cafe
Oct 23, 2012 Burlington, VT Nectar's
Oct 24, 2012 Newmarket, NH The Stone Church
Oct 25, 2012 Woodstock, NY Bearsville Theater
Oct 26, 2012 Teaneck, NJ Mexicali Live
Oct 27, 2012 Albany, NY The Linda: WAMC's Performing Arts Studio
Oct 28, 2012 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bowl


Band website hosting


  • Log in or register on the FanManager Website
  • Visit the Moonalice Report Page



  • On the Report Page, you will be able to upload screen shots, jpgs, etc.. of all of your work, and you can also put direct links to the sites where you have posted your banners. You will then receive “POINTS” for everything that you report to us.


  • Open up Microsoft Paint or Photoshop
  • Go to website where you posted your banner, widget, etc
  • Hold down “Alt” + “Print Screen” on your keyboard
  • Go to whichever program you opened, hold down “Ctrl”+“V”
  • Convert photo to a .jpg, and upload to the Reporting Page!!


  • Go to website where you posted your banner, widget, etc
  • Hold down “Apple” + “Shift” + “4”
  • Hit “Space Bar”
  • Click Mouse
  • The file will appear on the desktop (The file name will be ‘Screenshot’ followed by the date), where you can then upload to the Reporting Page