Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the Big Head Todd Street Team! We want your help to get the word out on the upcoming Ride Festival in Telluride August 25th & 26th.  We’ve put together this Street Team Page with everything you need. You can sign up to help promote show by going to the Request Promo Tab above. On the Promote Online and Onlinel Tools tabs, you’ll find web banners, widgets, and videos that you can share online to help get the word out on the tour and the album.

Here's a list of objectives that we need help with:

  • We need street team help for the upcoming show at Ride Festival. We would need you to hang posters in high traffic areas as well as pass out handbills at upcoming shows in your area over the next few weeks.
  • Help promote the tour online by completeing tasks in the Online Mission tab. You can also find other tools to help spread the word in the Online Tools tab above.

Boom Boom - Red Rocks 2008 - Big Head Todd & the Monsters

Big Head Todd & the Monsters | MySpace Music Videos


  • Log into the FanManager Website
  • Visit the Big Head Todd Report Page



  • On the Report Page, you will be able to upload screen shots, jpgs, etc.. of all of your work, and you can also put direct links to the sites where you have posted your banners. You will then receive “POINTS” for everything that you report to us.


  • Open up Microsoft Paint or Photoshop
  • Go to website where you posted your banner, widget, etc
  • Hold down “Alt” + “Print Screen” on your keyboard
  • Go to whichever program you opened, hold down “Ctrl”+“V”
  • Convert photo to a .jpg, and upload to the Reporting Page!!


  • Go to website where you posted your banner, widget, etc
  • Hold down “Apple” + “Shift” + “4”
  • Hit “Space Bar”
  • Click Mouse
  • The file will appear on the desktop (The file name will be ‘Screenshot’ followed by the date), where you can then upload to the Reporting Page